Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going back to Labuan

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Tomorrow I am going back to Labuan. Gonna miss KL plak.hihi. This evening, I was having short chit-chat session with my big Bos and I asked him about continuing my log book report. Guess what, he actually support me if I could continue writing log book and publish it in blog. Blog? Why the first word from him is Blog?Hmm.. sound fishy there.

Did He really know that I am a blogger? Did he follow or read whatever in my blog. Hehe..Ok Bos, If you're reading my blog right now, don't forget to drop comment. Actually, I did post some of my log book content where I am sharing with all of my bloggers buddy not in formal way.

Sharing is caring right??

One more thing, tomorow some of my colleague will fly off to US for decommisioning trip. Jeles2. Haih, they going to see the real decommissioning work carry out at North Sea. Well, all the best for them. Can't wait to hear story from them after the trip.

P/s: Just come back from MidValley, watching movie - Punisher with my housemate.


  1. I am sure you will have the same opportunity with your friends :):) Labuan sound very interesting also lah. Are you planning to get IR title?? hehe

  2. bluecrystaldude:

    yeah..I am just cone back from having dinner together2 with them here in labuan. far labuan is great than KL. peace and calm..

    IR? Hmm, i didn't even submitted my form to respective body..thanks for remind me about that dude..


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