Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Year Associates cont’

Due to some comment regarding final year associates posting, I’d like to further explain about my lab mate. Azhar aka Pem is working on sand + rha addition for his fyp. Until now, he’s still doing the compaction and extruding the samples [sand sample are fragile and easily rupture] in the lab with the rest of the other members, Noreta, Yusra and Effa. What’s more? Nowadays Azhar’s behavior is rather bothersome. Well, the rest of us almost completely had done the compaction part. Hik hikss. Only Judin and he are still doing it right now. Therefore, he will try to drag our attention toward the mistake that we have done during the previous tests. “Pitya, you have to do it again, from the journal”. Then he repetitively said that over and over again while doing his work. All of us just smile and laughing in the midst of his manners. “Pitya, you have to go to Cameron to take the sample again!”Yeah, I agree, in the lab there is no entertainment at all. The only thing we have is to hear the mumbling of each of us and not to forget, cursing each others. haha..Come on Azhar, u can do it!!! Hopefully after this, our relationship among lab mate will be lasting forever and ever. Here are some pictures taken in the lab. Enjoy it!

p/s: Pem asked me to put lots of his pic.xoxo
noreta and pem

pem was extruding the sample
judin and noreta

pem again..[treat me lunch =p]

safety enuf??? just acting.tina, dont worry ya~well, both of us are great actors

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cinta @ Love stuff


(sebelum kahwin)
= cubit kiri, kanan rasa.
I =
impian indah ibarat syurga.
= nikah impian utama.
T = taat setia membawa bahagia.

= awal dan akhir bersama-sama

(selepas kahwin)
= cuka yang dituang pada luka.
I = iblis yang merosak minda.
N = nafsu semata-mata.
T = tuba yang dibalas semula.
A = api dalam neraka.


(sebelum kahwin)
K = kongsi semua suka duka.
A = abang adik, ayang anja.
S = sumpah janji di bibir sentiasa.
I = istana bahagia dah dicipta.
H = hatiku hatimu jua.

(selepas kahwin)
K = kaki tangan naik kat kepala.
A = abuk pun tara , nak makan apa??
S = simpati langsung tak ada.
I = ironi membakar jiwa.
H = hidup mati sama je.

p/s: Take a look at this correlation. sometimes it is true rite?? whatever it is, just for us to ponder. thanks to sis Afizah for the forwarded email.

In the pool at last~

At last, I managed to put my whole body under the water at UTP pool after craving for it almost one week. However, I was entering the pool illegally by climb over the fence. At first, the pool gate was left opened when I just came back from Mirza’s wedding about 3pm. In the evening, the gate already locked down. What the heck. What’s more important that happen to me was this morning. With full of energy and anticipating spirit, I woke up early in the morning to start my day with swimming activity. When I arrived at the pool, there was one student or maybe staff that waiting at the gate. I though he was the person that looked after the pool at first. But he wasn’t. He was a person in charge for staff activity. Then, with full of hope and concern I said “Can I swim for 5 minutes only???” he answered “No, you can’t!” With arrogant look and he just step back into the pool area. Wtf!!!! At that moment, I just started my motorcycle and headed toward V1 cafĂ© with fire burning inside my body to take my breakfast. Sorry for being harsh dude. At the end, after yearn for swimming almost one week, I was able to swim illegally. Don’t report to pak guard eh~

Mirza's wedding

Yesterday I was having the opportunity to attend Mirza’s wedding at Dewan Serbaguna Parit, Kampung Padang Bola. It was a great day to be there and have free meal there,of course!!! There were so many choices of food and the most interesting was the goodie bag with the twisting sweet. Congratulations to both of you, Mirza & Ros Syakimah. For ur info, mirza was one of the staff at CSL Bangi during my internship. He is very kind, generous and very hardworking person. Thanks to him for bring me along to monitor rehabilitation works and having fun at Up Town Damansara after work.
p/s: wanna see more pics , take a look here

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Missing u soo much~

Ariff, how are you doin bro?? love doin ur job?hopefully ur answer is YES!!! aha, out house will be organizing Galaxy Dinner II. wanna join? for sure u're the one that we waiting so much. i'll hit u back with the info later k. well, since this week, i've been thinking of you. maybe its nearly half of the semester since u've graduated. sometimes i could feel that u r here in this UTP, but it was just my imagination. Sotong goreng tepung, param, pasar tani, jogging, movie @ ipoh, taman maju and many more that reflect ur existence here. there a lots more to describe rite? well, i just wanna express my feelings and to let u know that all of us are missing u so much. here are some pictures that keep our memory back. All the best in ur life and soon all of us will be leaving this undergraduate world and put ourselves in the real world. gambbate~

Friday, March 28, 2008

Udang Masak Halia Cili Padi

Udang Masak Halia Cili Padi


Udang 1 kg (dikupas separuh kulitnya)

Cili padi 5-6 biji ditumbuk separa hancur(gune lesung batu)

Bawang besar dihiris halus seperti gelang

Halia 5cm ditumbuk separa hancur (gune lesung batu)

Bawang putih or garlic ditumbuk separa hancur(gune lesung batu)

Minyak masak 2 sudu besar

Garam & gula secukup rasa

Cara memasak:

Bersih udang dan toskan. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk atau kuali. Tumiskan bawang putih, halia dan cili padi. Selepas naik bau, masuk udang dan goring sehinga kemerah-merahan.tambahkan sedikit air jika mahu berkuah. Masukan garam dan gula secukup rasa. Better jangan guna ajinomoto, sebab kesedapan asli nanti xterasa.Selepas udang betol² masak, taburkan bawang besar dan tutup sebentar dengan tudung agak udang dan bahan² lain sebati bersama.

Hidangkan bersama nasik putih dan air suam. Fuhh..sungguh sedap. Selamat mencuba.

p/s: this recipe was given for me by the sister worked at my internship company, sis afizah and sis ayu.

cooking in progress

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy birthday to my adored father, Hj.Yahaya Tengku Ibrahim! This is for you dad~

You Da Man!

Ever since my life began,
I realized that "You da man!"
I saw your wisdom, your courage too,
And I learned I could rely on you.

Your tolerant nature was really great;
Nevertheless, you'd not hesitate
To let me know when I'd been bad
It must have been hard, but that's being a dad.

You're strong and smart and filled with love--
A gift to me from up above.
So here's a greeting from your biggest fan:
Happy Birthday, Dad, cause "You da man!"

In the mean time, happy birthday and belated birthday to:

Azmil Sukri, Juzaili aka Jojo and Abdul Samad Haron

tomorrow is my grand father's birthday, so happy birthday in advance~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Year Project Associates

khairul azhar (pem), mas elina, noreta, judin, ariff, kd, ain and lastly yusra are my lab mate for FYP final semester. Wanna know them more?? Hmm let me tell about them one by one. Currently all of us mostly working on UC test which test concerning shear strength of the soil, mainly. Fortuitously I have done all the UCT, therefore wont have to worry anymore. Right this very moment, I have just to concentrate on the preparing the progress report and hazard analysis. Such a headache~

Noreta, mas elina, yusra and kd has help me a lot on doing liquid limit, plastic limit and compaction test. Thanks guys for reading out the journal info pertaining lime stabilization. Expectantly, all of us will hold the triumph in our hands. Gambatte! Enuf explanation already guys? That’s just enuf folks. Keep it for next time bed story~

I wanna go swimming!!!

I can't bear anymore to keep myself busy with anything else other than going to swim every monday,tuesday and thursday evening.rite now, I feel a little bit scrawny due to lack of swimming activity.(i'm addicted to swim so much) Am I a duyung man?? soo funny. In point of fact, I really enjoy watching mermaid (sexy lady) swimming freely in the fiction movie.i really enjoy it very much. But please, it is not because of the sexiness of the mermaid herself, but the way she swim and moving freely inside the water.xoxo…

Why don’t I juz go and swim at UTP pool??? No no no...Not that easy. Nowadays, the weather at UTP in the evening is very bad. Almost every evening, the rain will pour down little by little until the dark. Therefore, Allah has give the clue to human, don’t carry forward any task or job of the day till night come, you’ll be in trouble. Of course for me, I do not own any luxurious car nor normal car rather than a Honda Wave PFV 4724. It is most important vehicle for me to move around when the weather is good. When it is raining, I’ll just stay inside.

Same situation goes to my swimming activity. When it is raining followed by the lightning definitely I won’t go out. As mention before, I really concerned about getting hit by lightning. I’ve come across notice board that warned NOT to swim during raining as a result of lightning strike on those inside the pool. Hence, prevention is better than dying stroked by the lightning inside the pool~

Hopefully, the weather will change very soon. By hook or by crook, I’m off to swim this coming Thursday maybe in the morning, even though I got OCM test in the evening~ hoho

with mermaid @ Aquaria KLCC

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Najib~

today is 25th of march 2008 thus today is Najib's birthday. happy birthday to you~ happy happy day. well, peace be upon you and happy always. thanks for being my friend, buddy!not to forget, yesterday was Aemel birthday. happy belated birthday to you Aemel! hehe both of you are now 23! not too old rite??wishing both of you all the best and will be able to face any challenges in the future~
p/s: the connection speed was very great at CBT lab. heh~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Connection Suxx

arrrghhh..tension! utp lan connection suxx. i dunno whether i can tolerate with this situation. the most slowest of the connection are :
  1. 11am until 1pm [might be everyone has woke up already~ lol]
  2. 5pm-7pm [peak time after coming back from lecture and doing blogging, frenster and facebook]
  3. 8pm - 12 pm [the most jammed and slowest connection speed either lan or wireless - all ports was congested by students during dinner time to surf the net while doing the assignment meybe]
with regard to that, the most best solution and option i have is right this very moment. 6am in the morning!!! i hav to wake up early jus to make sure i write something in my blog and to surf the net for other purposes.

yeah,meybe i still have another option if i live at other village like v5, v3 meybe. maxis & celcom broadband!!!! i still remember those time when it was mid sem or semester break, i used to connect to the border less world via 3g connection[celcom broadband]. it worth it and it's seem very convenient for me for limited time at hometown. great to inform also, this coming june, i'll be the one subscribing the streamiyx once i have completed the final semester in utp.

am i tension enuf??

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's raining over and over again

Precipitation is normally known as raining for typical people but not for me and my course mates since our beloved lecturer, Mdm. Zahiraniza mention it in the hydrology class last 3 semester.
"When it rain(precipitation), remember me" - Mdm. Zahiraniza
Since the mid sem break last week, it almost everyday my life in UTP was jumble up with the rain. Sometimes, I am very lucky because I was having class and the rain stop when the class finished. Sooo lucky~.Yesterday, I was having my FYP lab at block 14 where it was raining heavily. The screaming of thunder also scared me to death (well I’m not that scared, but terrify if the lightning strike me right on top of my precious brain). The flow rate of the run off water approximately as fast as tsunami hits the shoreline, I guess. It was very very bad to the students that park their vehicle nearby the monsoon drain beside the hill area of block 14. Look at the pictures, it look extremely horrific right? At the moment, our eyes ( Noreta, Zura and a couple) was staring at one of the car which the owner is very well known and the most criticized person among FYP students. You know who is the person rite??Back to flood problem, Who’s to be blamed? Engineers? Architect? Well there should be a postmortem to find the remedy to reconcile the problem. UTP should include students together in the meeting maybe.

run off from hill slope

a Gen 2 nearly drowning~

Lab, lab, lab and lab again. I miss my bed soo much. I cant even sleep enough to make sure that I am out of the bed every morning to ensure I can arrive early at the lab to book the equipment. Today, I’ve just managed to complete the last sample, which is metamorphic soil with 2,4 and 6 percent of lime addition. Considering today’s lab work, I almost completed about 70 percent of my FYP. Yeah..happy.This coming Monday, I've got drilling test #1 which is delayed test. Right now, it almost half of the semester, the test #1 is still not carry out yet. Well, maybe the lecturer also busy.

Here are the things that should be carrying out soon:

  • Grinding the soil to get 425 um sample at block J
  • Study the drilling note ( trying very hard to start it)
  • Mental and physical ready for the next ‘HECTIC week’
  • OCM test just around the corner.
well, dats all for now folks~

sample FYP, curing for 3 & 6 days

Saturday, March 22, 2008

About me

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

|Name: Mohd Hafizd Yahaya| Nickname: Pitya|Type: Human| ID: CVE5702|Sex: Male |Year of manufacture: 9 month before September 1985|Produce on: 25 September 1985|Owner: Tn.Hj.Yahaya and wife|Height: 161|Weight: 55|Main Operation :Bloody red heart wth complex brain|Blood Type: Fully Synthetic B+|Condition:Tiptop |Status: Single and available upon request|Location:Tikam Batu,Kedah|Interest: Photography,Travelling,Swimming,Gardening, Blogging + Surfing & Cooking|Ym: ibnu_haikal|Email: |Education: Done @ Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Civil Engineering Specialization Petroleum|

*Read this blog at your own RISK*

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Nite Fever

yerp, its holiday again, i mean friday i've got no class at all. but still hav to go to block 14 to proceed with my lovely fyp lab. it's time to execute the 3 days test of my sample from Igneous 2% 4% n 6% lime addition and Sedimentary 2% of lime addition. hopefully, i could complete it before the jumaat prayer.well, regarding this blog, someone might asking me why do hav so many blog??? heh, the answer is... ' this time around, i'll definitely will concentrate on this blog and the other blog which i could post the edited picture version. the blog at, maybe i just copy and paste the content. hehe..yon, this is dedicated to you cos u'll be the one might ask it, rite??

this very morning, i really love the scenic outside my window. it's really fascinating view with the water condensate at the sky just above the sky at v4 field. what a sentences??? haha.. i thnk i should end it here, i'd like to watch tv either MHI or What's on Breakfast@ NTV7( love to hear the argument of the hosts).

ok, got to go.anyone wanna taste my hot "tea O"? it is hand made.with a tablespoon of honey (madu tualang)..perghh..actually it's good for my health.well, this time around, i really have to take care of myself properly due to having extra workload on fyp. test...omg, drilling test. it's almost half of the semester but the test 1 is not executed yet. on this coming Monday, 5.30pm-7pm at main hall and followed by OCM test 1 on the next Thursday.goshhh, i am keen to start contributing to my lovely family, financially of course!

here are some list of people around me that celebrating their birthday :
  1. my adopted mother at kG Dura Terengganu on the 20 of march
  2. friend of mine, Ezmal Ab Rashid on the 21 of march
happy birthday to both of you~

Thursday, March 20, 2008


yeah, i've created another blog.actually, i already had 2 blog which is (nice pic ) and (still new and complicated setting). so, this blog might be the most active blog (depend on the connection speed of UTP). as far as i'm concern, i'll definitely utilize all the space given for me in blogging world to write anything that comes across my mind. i dont really mind whoever read or critique my writting. this is my platform to polish my writing and mebe applying the new word of the day. basically, i'll write my tasks of the day that have been completed or the next day task that will be executed.what else, this is my final year in UTP, so i'll be leaving UTP soon and before the journey come to its end, i'll write every single things that happen to me and what else that i should write to ensure this blog will be read by me meybe in the next few years. today is our beloved prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW birthday, so lets recite as many as we can the prayer and Selawat upon Him.

this is the main tasks that should be completed in a short time :
  • final year project - progress report 2
  • unconfined compression test of remoulded sample for 3days and 7 days curing
  • drilling and production test 1
  • operation construction management test 1
  • islamic knowledge class which i've been skip for 1week already
  • engineers in society lecture notes
  • thin section of rock
  • mineral analysis
  • interview momentum
  • more to think....gagaga
i think, enough for time being. it's already late, almost 3.04am in the morning~ for my consideration this is the pattern/outline of the post in this blog :
  1. font is trebuthcet, normal font size
  2. picture posting is in the center
  3. make it more alive
thats all folks! see you next time~