Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saya sangat buhsan

Today's entry :

Sape² nak kawan ngn saya,
sila add YM: ibnu_haikal @ Gtalk: hafizd
Tak kesah lah sape² pon
Doesn't really matter who you are

Thank You vm

Friday, May 30, 2008

Trip to Teluk Senangin, Teluk Batik and Lumut

Petang tadi secara tiba-tiba hp ku berdering dan terus ku angkat, terdengar suara mat zu di hujung talian;

'pitya, nak p mandi laut dak?'

aku pon dgn cepat bertanya,

' mandi kt mana?'

mat zu pon reply,

'kt teluk senangin.cepat siap.dalam masa 5minute lagi turun parking v4'

'ok boss'

Let the pics explain everything.. enjoy

Teluk Senangin
Sunset? Spot me
Sun bathing le konon *dush*

Matzu,Lokman,Peli,Pokyeh,Helmi,Me, Farmizam and Meor
Enjoying final semester
Kecebur-keceburIkan bakar
Pok yeh cute

Travel route : Teluk Senangin -> Teluk Batik -> Lumut -> Marina Beach -> UTP
p/s: I got a small scratch on my forehead coz of landing on the sand, during free style head jumping~ wut the heck. That's souvenir for me~ haha

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Review of

Dear readers, mostly UTPian, have u ever heard about I’ve surf the web for a couple of times and I’d found out that the main page is very² catchy during my first glance. Wanna know why? It is because of the faces of the person that I really know them in UTP. Sarah and Azzy. Well, they are models for the website. Feel free to take a look ya. What’s more, TudungToday actually the online platform that sells many types of Tudung such as Selendang, Tudung Bawal, Tudung Bawal Batu Hitam, Tudung Bawal Kerawang Sulam Manik, Tudung Bawal Kerawang Sulam Manik and many more of latest collections. Frankly speaking, you should take a look at it. The price of the items sell also reasonable and you can either pay via online transaction using CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and Paypals. They are using Post Laju and Fedex / UPS as delivery method.

So guys out there, if you're looking for a gift/present to be given out to your mother or lovely girlfriend; don’t hesitate to take a look and choose the suitable ones. For more info, just click at the picture below.

[miss hot, miss beauty, miss elegant with stylish, charisma and confidence]

p/s: I am doing this because of BORINGnism fever! Everyone has safely gone to their lovely sweet home except us – final year final semester of UTP students. Happy Birthday to Mohd Radzi Subahir

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Civil May 2003 Batch UTP

Congratulation Engineers! Alhamdulillah

Today was the last examination paper for most of Civil May 2003 Batch, Operation and Construction Management (OCM). Let’s don’t talk about it anymore because the paper was officially ended at 12.00 noon in Chanselor Hall of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. I’ve attached the edited version pictures of Civil May 2003 Batch in front on CH. Actually I was quite disappointed coz the actual ‘scene’ of completing the paper was not really happened as I’ve imagined before. I mean like celebrating it with full of passion and saying ‘MERDEKA’ out of our lung. Hmm… Everyone seems very dull and monotonous. Shy? Maybe that was the reason why everyone acted that way. No offense. After all, the unscheduled photograph session was absolutely great! I am gonna miss you guys. Can’t wait to meet everyone at farewell dinner next week. On behalf on my friends, I’d like to express gratitude to all the lecturers in UTP that have contributed the effort of teaching us as future engineers. Thank you very much.

Everyone with free style *dush*

Database May2003

Guys out there, do fill up your personal data here for future use. Fyi, this form won't be place here forever for security reason. Thanks.

Sape2 yang nak jugak list personal data tuh, email kat aku yea~.



The journey is nearly END

I am going to GRADUATE soon.
Insya Allah

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One more paper to go!

Nampak muda tak gambo nih? [May 26,2006]

One more paper to go! I am going to graduate soon, Insha’Allah. Thank you God, drilling paper was pretty easy and straight forward. Since the next paper is on Tuesday, so I still have more time. Yahoo. I am planning to post special post regarding all my friends in UTP since the first met. So guys out there, be prepared to receive free testimonial from me~. Ok, sape nak pegi Pasar Tani kt Taman Maju? Jejoms. Sangat lapar lah coz I sleep too early last nite. The only person on my mind rite now is Ariff. Pepagi lagi dah terpacak kat depan bilik, mengajak pergi ke Pasar Tani. Btw, nasi lemak or ape-ape makanan kat situ sangat mahal murah. Skang nih , kene pegi sendiri-sendiri. It's final year, u shouldn't be too dependent; a person who relies on another too much.

p/s: doc shark, kalo kite terserempak, treat me for breakfast eh? Happy belated birthday to Yushiela

Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands

Yesterday we were having such a great time at Cameron Highland. It was one day trip due to examination week and small budget (tengah bulan =p). We departed from UTP at 7.30am and arrived at Brincang nearly 9.00am. All of us are mainly housemate in this lovely Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS for almost 5 years; [me and my roommate, Farid, Muhyi and Bob, Radzi and Epit, Nazmi and Ariff] – except Niema (she’s the house mother~ haha). This trip was planned last month and it was a successful trip after Langkawi’s trip on the December 2003. Fyi, this trip was organized to have a good time with Ariff; who was used to be Nazmi’s roommate and our housemate. Congratulation to him coz rite now he is one of the young and energetic Executive at Intel (M) which based in Penang. Thanks to everyone and credit to Bob and Farid for the pictures. Niema, have you uploaded the pictures yet? Appreciation to Niema coz she’s willing to spend time with us! Love u guys. Together we unite! Here are some pictures edited by me; =p. Yang laen-laen jangan jeles. Terutama Harith,Yon, Yaa, Nina, Luks and the rest~

@ Bharat Plantation
Such a lovely flower - dunno the name~Epit, me and Nazmi
We were having tea at Bharat Tea Plantation
@ Nazmi's house - Ipoh
Dums- dums faces~

p/s: Happy birthday to Ashraf Niza~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

Thanks for lighting up my life!

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers in this world! I’d like to wish; starting teachers from kindergarten, Sekolah Kebangsaan Tikam Batu, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tikam Batu, Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Thanks for sharing every single knowledge with me. In short, you've made me realized the important of education, all of you have enlightened something new not only formal education yet the ability to survive with moral ethics and useful advice for the futures. You have done such a great efforts to nurture students become useful citizens. The most important thing is, their hands lay the responsibility to produce the right human capital for the nation. Allah selamatkan kamu!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Special request from Geotechnical Technician

This was a special request from the most vogue person in the UTP, Kak Imma!( Sphagetti satu eh) to make a special post together with pictures.Here there are! I've edited this pictures last night coz I know the person is waiting to death to see the post. Thanks to both of you and Mr.Zaini for helping me through this final semester. I'm pretty sure after this, student that have the opportunity to get closed with you will start to remember how kind are you with them.(Puji bak nih,mmg kene belanja lagi lpas nih.haha). To those students especially PEM,Noreta,Mas,Yus,KD,Ain,Effa,Judin and Ariff; don't forget to treat them lunch maybe. BTW, sorry for inconvenient created by me and my friends as far as we were using Geotechnical lab( xsapu tanah, alat2 berterabur,seiving xsusun etc)
Kak Ina, Me and Kak Imma at Geotechnical Lab for my FYP
Click to enlarge picture
Click to enlarge picture

p/s: Happy belated birthday to my Aunty,Anis Jojo,Fadiah and Fazimi CSL.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Made of Honour

this time around, just posting movie poster.By the way, remember the guy behind that girl,he was the main actor in one of my last year favorite movie Enchanted. I still remember how was the house cleaned by Giselle ( Amy Adam). Well, I am going to watch this movie. On the 19 of June, perhaps I already home. Home sweet home~

Tahun ni jangan takut kalau hilang barang

This poster was taken by me from Afdlin Shauki's blog. I love the design of the poster. For more info pertaining the movie, please have a visit here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Luck - Final Examination

Salam guys. With regard to the Final Examination for my final semester, here I'd like to ask and seek forgiveness from anyone in this small world. Please forgive me and together we pray for our success in this world and hereafter. I forgive everyone in this world whether he/she didn't realized the mistake he/she have done to me, it doesn't matter anymore. Not to forget, to my beloved lecturers in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, thanks for the knowledge that all of you shared with me; Mr. Sanif Maulut, Dr. Nasiman, Dr. Shark, Dr. Ismail, Mr. Elias, Sensei Faris, Dr. Arazi, Ustaz Nuri Al-Amin, Dr. Sonny, Dr.Zulkarnain (PCS), Dr. Victor Macam and the rest of lecturers in UTP. Thanks for everything.

As a conclusion, let's strike for the best not only for ourself, but for our dignity as a student and future engineer to be. With God will, all of us will end up with perfect life. Amin.

p/s: Happy Mother's Day to my lovely Mom - Hjh. Asma bte Rejab and my adopted mother Mdm. Syarifah at Kg.Dura. I love you with all my heart, thanks for everything.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

500,000 blog in Malaysia !

Ini dibuktikan dalam kajian yang dilakukan pensyarah Jabatan Pengajian Media Universiti Malaya, Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah yang mendapati 70 peratus keputusan pilihan raya lalu dipengaruhi maklumat yang dipaparkan dalam blog.

Beliau dalam satu laporan akhbar berkata, Malaysia memiliki hampir 500,000 blog aktif membuktikan penggunaan blog sangat berkuasa dalam mempengaruhi pemikiran rakyat berkaitan politik. “Blog kini mempunyai jangkauan penyebaran maklumat yang sangat berkesan memandangkan jumlah pengguna internet bertambah setiap hari,” katanya. Pengaruh blog bukan setakat di Malaysia tetapi seluruh dunia apabila perbincangan berkaitan blog bertajuk ‘Penulis dan Blog : Trend Masa Kini’ di Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur, Mac lalu, mendedahkan sehingga Februari lalu terdapat 108 juta laman blog dengan 120,000 blog setiap hari atau 1.4 blog sesaat! - [Harian Metro] -
From the article above, I am proud to be one of the blogger. In fact, the total blog on the internet is nearly 500,000 active blog which include mine. I already have 3 blogs with 1 FP. But bear in mind that my blog is just for my personal thought, not into politikus. After all, I really hope that my blog will be updated by me as long as I could. InsyaAllah.

Thanks guys for stop by and read through my blog.

p/s: Happy birthday to Tajul Azmi

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinderella (Apakah Cinta Hanyalah Mimpi?)

Cinta, gadis cantik dan juga periang. Sejak kecil, Cinta diasuh oleh Marlina yang hidup sederhana. Sebenarnya, kedua orang tua Cinta (Tia dan Bayu) masih hidup. Tia dan Bayu adalah pasangan kaya raya yang memiliki jaringan hotel mewah di Indonesia. Marlina menculik Cinta pada saat bayi karena dendam kepada Tia dan Bayu.

Dalam asuhan Marlina, Cinta hidup dalam kesengsaraan. Marlina dan kedua anaknya, Lulu dan Lala selalu menimbulkan banyak kesulitan kepada Cinta. MARLINA melampiaskan dendamnya kepada Cinta. Namun Cinta selalu menerima perlakuan Marlina dan kedua saudara angkatnya dengan tabah.

Kejamnya hidup, tidak membuat Cinta menyerah begitu saja. Takdir bahkan membawanya mengenal Rasya, cowok kaya yang dikenal sebagai anak Tia. Rasya meminta Cinta untuk berpura-pura menjadi pacarnya. Rasya melakukan hal itu karena ingin menghindari perjodohan dengan seorang gadis. Cinta yang sedang membutuhkan uang untuk mengobati Marlina yang sakit, akhirnya menyetujui permintaan Rasya tersebut.

Waktu terus bergulir, lambat laun tumbuh getar cinta diantara Rasya dan Cinta. Mereka sama sekali tidak menyadari kenyataan bahwa sesungguhnya Cinta adalah anak kandung Tia. Cinta adalah anak Tia yang diculik Marlina. Sedangkan Rasya hanyalah anak yang dibawa Bayu untuk menggantikan Cinta yang hilang.

p/s: Happy belated birthday to Mas Elina, Yayat and Khalid Bin Zaid. Happy birthday to Amril. Good Luck Final.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blame it on Google??

  • Microsoft CEO Ballmer said the software giant decided to walk away from a bid because Yahoo would become 'undesirable' if it formed an alliance with Google (Fortune)
  • Google gains on Yahoo fallout-Search engine eyed as Yahoo partner in fending off Microsoft's bid; Google shares spike 3.9% (CNN Money)

  • Yahoo falls on Microsoft withdrawal, Countrywide sinks. Shares of Yahoo Inc. tumbled in premarket trading Monday after Microsoft Corp. withdrew its offer to buy the company. Yahoo fell 21.8 percent to $22.43, while Microsoft rose 2.3 percent to $29.90. (AP)
Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) gave five reasons why he decided to quit pursuing a bid:

First, a Google-Yahoo tieup would encourage advertisers to use Google as opposed to Panama, Yahoo's own search system. Not only would that fragment Yahoo's search advertising strategies, it would also "undermine the reliance on your display advertising business to fuel future growth," Ballmer wrote.

Ballmer said there were a host of other problems. Yahoo would suffer an engineering brain drain. There would also be regulatory issues that Microsoft would not be willing to "inherit." Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) has argued that a Yahoo-Google deal would give the two a 90% dominance in search advertising, and make an acquisition difficult to pass through regulators.

Finally, a Google-Yahoo partnership would make Google even more dominant and force other search providers to rely on Google. Microsoft worries that a deal with Google not only would reduce competition, it could possibly force others to switch to using Google as well. Microsoft has repeatedly argued that it cannot catch up to Google and compete in the online ad market without merging with the second-largest player, Yahoo.(Fortune)

In conclusion, Google holds very high influence in the world of internet nowadays. Lets Google! Another option is [supporting ISLAMIC Social Media]

1st Picture of Drilling Trip to KSB

From Left : me, Nina, Kmar, Aai, Dayana, Yaa and Aiman
[This pic was taken at the beach just behind Residence Resort, Paka]

Kemaman Supply Base - Drilling Trip

Tentative to KSB last week; 2 - 4 of May 2008

Day and Date




2nd May


Assemble and start journey to KSB


Reach Residence Resort, Paka




3rd May




Assemble and start journey to Baker Hughes INTEQ.


Reach Baker Hughes INTEQ


End of Baker Hughes Visit and lunch


A journey to Dungun or Kuala Terengganu


BBQ Party


4th May




Assemble and start journey to Halliburton


Halliburton visit


End of Halliburton visit and lunch.

Visit Scomi Oil Tools.


End of Scomi Oil Tools visit.

A visit to village. (Might be Losong or Southern part of Terengganu)


End of village visit.

There will be a dinner on way back to UTP


5th May


Reach UTP

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's day

Mother’s day is just around the corner? What should I buy for her as the gift? Is it enough if I just wish her through the sms or call her directly? Dear readers, have u got any idea and suggestion? FYI, my mum is 46 years old. BTW, I am going to Kemaman tomorrow, so maybe I can buy something from there as the present. So, this blog won’t be updated for about 3 days. Therefore I’ll promise that I am going to post the pictures at Kemaman. Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mom [Hjh Asma] and my adopted mother at kg Dura, Terengganu.

p/s: Happy belated birthday to Panadol Sehat & Helmi Kay