Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's raining over and over again

Precipitation is normally known as raining for typical people but not for me and my course mates since our beloved lecturer, Mdm. Zahiraniza mention it in the hydrology class last 3 semester.
"When it rain(precipitation), remember me" - Mdm. Zahiraniza
Since the mid sem break last week, it almost everyday my life in UTP was jumble up with the rain. Sometimes, I am very lucky because I was having class and the rain stop when the class finished. Sooo lucky~.Yesterday, I was having my FYP lab at block 14 where it was raining heavily. The screaming of thunder also scared me to death (well I’m not that scared, but terrify if the lightning strike me right on top of my precious brain). The flow rate of the run off water approximately as fast as tsunami hits the shoreline, I guess. It was very very bad to the students that park their vehicle nearby the monsoon drain beside the hill area of block 14. Look at the pictures, it look extremely horrific right? At the moment, our eyes ( Noreta, Zura and a couple) was staring at one of the car which the owner is very well known and the most criticized person among FYP students. You know who is the person rite??Back to flood problem, Who’s to be blamed? Engineers? Architect? Well there should be a postmortem to find the remedy to reconcile the problem. UTP should include students together in the meeting maybe.

run off from hill slope

a Gen 2 nearly drowning~

Lab, lab, lab and lab again. I miss my bed soo much. I cant even sleep enough to make sure that I am out of the bed every morning to ensure I can arrive early at the lab to book the equipment. Today, I’ve just managed to complete the last sample, which is metamorphic soil with 2,4 and 6 percent of lime addition. Considering today’s lab work, I almost completed about 70 percent of my FYP. Yeah..happy.This coming Monday, I've got drilling test #1 which is delayed test. Right now, it almost half of the semester, the test #1 is still not carry out yet. Well, maybe the lecturer also busy.

Here are the things that should be carrying out soon:

  • Grinding the soil to get 425 um sample at block J
  • Study the drilling note ( trying very hard to start it)
  • Mental and physical ready for the next ‘HECTIC week’
  • OCM test just around the corner.
well, dats all for now folks~

sample FYP, curing for 3 & 6 days

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