Monday, March 24, 2008

Connection Suxx

arrrghhh..tension! utp lan connection suxx. i dunno whether i can tolerate with this situation. the most slowest of the connection are :
  1. 11am until 1pm [might be everyone has woke up already~ lol]
  2. 5pm-7pm [peak time after coming back from lecture and doing blogging, frenster and facebook]
  3. 8pm - 12 pm [the most jammed and slowest connection speed either lan or wireless - all ports was congested by students during dinner time to surf the net while doing the assignment meybe]
with regard to that, the most best solution and option i have is right this very moment. 6am in the morning!!! i hav to wake up early jus to make sure i write something in my blog and to surf the net for other purposes.

yeah,meybe i still have another option if i live at other village like v5, v3 meybe. maxis & celcom broadband!!!! i still remember those time when it was mid sem or semester break, i used to connect to the border less world via 3g connection[celcom broadband]. it worth it and it's seem very convenient for me for limited time at hometown. great to inform also, this coming june, i'll be the one subscribing the streamiyx once i have completed the final semester in utp.

am i tension enuf??

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