Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Year Project Associates

khairul azhar (pem), mas elina, noreta, judin, ariff, kd, ain and lastly yusra are my lab mate for FYP final semester. Wanna know them more?? Hmm let me tell about them one by one. Currently all of us mostly working on UC test which test concerning shear strength of the soil, mainly. Fortuitously I have done all the UCT, therefore wont have to worry anymore. Right this very moment, I have just to concentrate on the preparing the progress report and hazard analysis. Such a headache~

Noreta, mas elina, yusra and kd has help me a lot on doing liquid limit, plastic limit and compaction test. Thanks guys for reading out the journal info pertaining lime stabilization. Expectantly, all of us will hold the triumph in our hands. Gambatte! Enuf explanation already guys? That’s just enuf folks. Keep it for next time bed story~

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