Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I wanna go swimming!!!

I can't bear anymore to keep myself busy with anything else other than going to swim every monday,tuesday and thursday evening.rite now, I feel a little bit scrawny due to lack of swimming activity.(i'm addicted to swim so much) Am I a duyung man?? soo funny. In point of fact, I really enjoy watching mermaid (sexy lady) swimming freely in the fiction movie.i really enjoy it very much. But please, it is not because of the sexiness of the mermaid herself, but the way she swim and moving freely inside the water.xoxo…

Why don’t I juz go and swim at UTP pool??? No no no...Not that easy. Nowadays, the weather at UTP in the evening is very bad. Almost every evening, the rain will pour down little by little until the dark. Therefore, Allah has give the clue to human, don’t carry forward any task or job of the day till night come, you’ll be in trouble. Of course for me, I do not own any luxurious car nor normal car rather than a Honda Wave PFV 4724. It is most important vehicle for me to move around when the weather is good. When it is raining, I’ll just stay inside.

Same situation goes to my swimming activity. When it is raining followed by the lightning definitely I won’t go out. As mention before, I really concerned about getting hit by lightning. I’ve come across notice board that warned NOT to swim during raining as a result of lightning strike on those inside the pool. Hence, prevention is better than dying stroked by the lightning inside the pool~

Hopefully, the weather will change very soon. By hook or by crook, I’m off to swim this coming Thursday maybe in the morning, even though I got OCM test in the evening~ hoho

with mermaid @ Aquaria KLCC

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