Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day in UTP

Am i feelin' sad?? huh, not really lah coz pak gad utp suxx. Well, i don't wanna talk about dat here. Let's proceed with the most recent activity taken place in UTP.hehe.. Candle Light Dinner!!! a.k.a CLD wif Abang G. hehe.. Actually me and my roomate, Farid planned to finish up our raw food in the refrigerator. Then I suggested that we should invite Abang G to come over and treat him for free dinner. Candle Light Dinner.. I called that coz I've put two candles in between the food.ngeh ngeh..It was such a wonderful dinner.Let me list out the menu for the nite; Ikan Bilis Masak Asam, Sayur Masak Campak2, Ikan Sardin, Sambal Belacan, Ikan Goreng, Papedom (very nice) and Air Sirap berserta Biji Selasih...perrghhh!!! Thanks to me and my roomate; Farid. We are the great Chef!!! Iron + Besi Chef!! At the same time( dinner was after isya') the RTM programme was discusing the oil price hike. Then out conversation during dinner was blended together with politikus many to write here. You guys just Google and fyroo it and nah!!! you'll get the answers. BTW, Malaysian citizen right know, at this moment doesn't fool like out pm anymore. such an old man, needs to step down and feelin' the ultimate remorse toward his action. hoho..politikus..enuff

Untill then, enjoy looking at the pictures. Anyone wanna to jot down the recipes??? Do email me eh, not enuf time to post. I'll try to post in the future. Thanks for reading my blog ya~

P/s:Happy birthday to Mie Chot, Pak Lang and Kak Haya~

footnote: Currently I am using Celcom Broadband (not in UTP gratis2 things). I've just got my USB modem (E220 Vodafone HUAWEI)this evening and I'm trying out at this moment. So far soo good. I'll update that soon. Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh..wahahaha it's good to be home!!!!

With Abang G and roomateIkan Bilis lerrSardin Masak AsamSayur Kobis Campak2


  1. lor.
    pandai masak upenye ko ni.

    malu seyh.

  2. skng jd driver peribadi orng2 kt umh..planning nk g cari keje laen dlu~

    still waiting for the placement

    ko ade job nk kasi aku ke? edit gmbo ke, typewriter ke..hehe

  3. asyik makan sedap2 je. jeles2. huhuhu..~

  4. hmm...Dieyla xnak blajar msk ke??? agaga.. masak2 tuh heaven..hoho

    Cik Rosli, balik Mesia nnt duk v5 buley ler masak sb pantry besar n luas..

    Ezmal pon mask gak, siap prektis masakan yg die masak kt German lagik.. ngeh ngeh


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