Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celcom Broadband

As promised before, here is the post of Celcom Broadband. Since last nite I have subscribed daily unlimited connection from Celcom. Fyi, I’ve download 1movie just 1/2hour!!! Superb duper best. I remember last time at UTP, I’ve to wait almost 11/2 day to complete download.

It is sad to say that I won’t subscribe for rm68/month yet due to Celcom currently upgrading their service. I am lucky rite now coz able to connect to the wireless. Actually it is hard to catch the connection from 8pm-2am until 30 of June. WTS!!!

Overall since last time connects to the borderless world; I am happy with my modem. Thanks to Mr Aznan coz selling to me the Huawei Modem E220 with best price and thanks for the guidance.

New Modem
Huawei E220


  1. huhu...cumel & sgt laju...

    dload satu movie dlm 1/2jam jek



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