Saturday, June 14, 2008

If girls said...

I'm got this from one of my bookmarked blog ; it is very nice to share! But remember that this tips only works to girls. If you do that to your mother. You need to eat outside for a while..or maybe kick out forever~
  1. If girls said she want you. Its mean, she want you now.

  2. If girls said she was hungry. Its mean, you need to buy any food to her.

  3. If girls said she want to buy cloth. Be ready you have enough money that time.

  4. If girls said she boring. Its mean, you need to do something. Maybe she want to break with you.

  5. If girls never call you after 3 days, its mean she never want you anymore or her handphone broke!

  6. If girls said its over. Just go and find others girl. No need to cry anymore!

  7. If girls bite his lips, its mean you need to kiss her now. Take a lead first!

  8. If girls said i hate you. Its mean, she really love you. Just never let she go or you reget forever!

  9. Jika perempuan marah. Biarkan dia..2-3 hari redala tuh..

  10. Jika perempuan menangis, cara paling cepat nak dia berhenti menangis. Ciumlah dia di mulut. Confirm senyap! Tak caya gi cuba.. (kalo dah kawin je, ini serious; yang belom don't start it!)

  11. Jika isteri korang mengandung. Ini bermakna, korang kene setat buat kerja lebih. Banyak woo nak cover kos orang mengandung ni..


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