Monday, June 23, 2008

An evening at Sungai Petani

On Saturday evening, Bullah and I went to Sungai Petani to hang out together. Ngeh2. Actually we went out since we don’t really enjoy SP very much back few years. The 1st place we stop was CS coz Bullah wanted to buy his toiletries. There was an incident where one guy left his money at ATM without realized that he didn’t kept the money yet. Bullah was waiting the queue and suddenly that guy just left. Wanna know the amount of money? MYR 350 and the balance printed on the slip was MYR 2750. What the heck!!! If you are rich enough, don’t tease us like that. Haha.. Actually there were 2 things ponder in our mind whether he is bad guy or good guy. Let me ask you one question; Have u ever forget to take and keep ur money safely in ur wallet after withdrew it from ATM? Definitely you’ll ensure that the money is safely kept, right? After a while, one of his friends saw me holding the money and asked me whether the money was supposed to be held by one of his friend. Initially, I didn’t trust him and promptly said

‘ I wanna see that guy and give this money to him directly’

After a second, the target guy appeared and I handed over the money as my eye was looking around for CCTV. Why CCTV? If anything happen in the future regarding the amount of money withdrew at that moment, it will smooth the process of identifying the suspect. Perghhh… I’ve gone too far~

Then, Bullah asked me

‘Where shall we eat tonight?'

Then I answered

‘Radix Fried Chicken’

Both of us ‘Let’s GONE!!! Haha’

We headed to RFC nearby Lagenda Height and Village Mall. Unluckily the restaurant was fully packed with lots of people. The waitress said the Organic Chicken [main menu] is completely finished and we have to wait for an hour to get it. What to do.. They should open another branch to avoid customers pissed-off to wait for a long queue just for nothing. This was the 3rd times we missed to eat RFC. Then we opted to eat at HotMas. Again, we’ve been here for the 3rd times. Haha.. The foods are great and the price is cheap!!! Trust me guys. Anybody live in Sungai Petani should go and try the food there. The location of HotMas is nearby the Swiss Inn Hotel. This time around, I tried Tom Yam Campur with Nasi Putih where Bullah ordered Chicken Grilled Black Pepper. Last time I enjoyed eating Chicken Grilled treated by Cikgu Ainal. Enjoy the picture below. Da~

P/s: Happy birthday to Bonzer and my cousin; Fatir

Radix Fried Chicken - the only one at Sungai Petani
HotMas = Hot Fm ~ mmang hoT!
Tom Yam Campur
Nasi Putih Biasa
Chicken Grilled Black Pepper *wink*


  1. best gile...

    next time rakam la video pitya. baru best skit...

    letak kat :)

    embed kat blog ko he2.

  2. RFC? another malaysia's kfc i suppose. hahaha. sedap ke smpai ramai sgt org.

  3. fyroo:
    mne sempat nk amik video..jadik secara tibe2 jek..hehe

    RFC tuh milik HPA..ala..yang kopi radix sumer2 tuh..orng melayu nye..die gne ayam organic..hehe..blom dpt try everytime g sane je, mesti ramai beratur2..nnti ble dh dpt mkn, aku hapdet..hehe..
    tpikan..dijamin HALAL~ tuh yg ramai tuh..

    mencari yang halal kan fardhu~

  4. hapdet bila dh makan nanti :)

  5. ala.. camera kan leh record video..

  6. eh, aku byr mkn masakan melayu jek..yg western cikgu banjer..

    btw, murah n banyak plak mknn tuh...siap xabes lg kalo makan..

    seswai nk bwk family mkn2 sb sgt economical~

  7. Tom Yam Campur tu cam best jer..
    bila nk blanjer?

  8. hhi...mmg best la mlm tuh sy cr daun limau purut dlm tuh..xd la kureng la bau tomyam mmg sadaaappp~

    meh le utara nih kak, kita makn then akak banjer~ =p

  9. pulak da..ok akak blanjer..afiz bayar..ngeh ngeh

  10. do you know, I actually encountered this exact situation? I was queuing at ATM machine, then the man in front me just left with a bunch (rm100 countless notes <- I didn't count it) left at the money slot. hehe..

    nasib baik aku ni baik. haha. I called him and he really thankful for that. He said the machine was very slow, and he thought that the money transaction was failed. hehe

    Nasi putih biasa tu cam makan dengan ape? tomyam? wah, sedap2

  11. isk..isk..nk lwn moroka neh
    nk jd no 1 top commentor. spam~~ spam~~

  12. iyah~ iyah~
    nk naik no 3 dh yuhuuu!!!
    teringin Radix Fried Chicken..tiap2 kali lalu asyik full aje
    [sepam comment]

  13. aku da test,tp xsdp sgt.Masin pl 2.Klu xcaya cba la.Kwn aku mkn ayam herb,pas mkn tba2 bdn dia jd pns.Ha3...

  14. Dr segi marketing,Radix mengamalkan marketing myopia.Klu sapa yang bljr marketing akan tau mksd sebenar saya...Whateverpun,tahniah kpd radix krn memajukan bisnes org melayu................

  15. dh try radix fc tk best..bau organik kuat...kitorg buang je...
    eh hotmas tu mmg terbaikla...


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