Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tsunami 2

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Today, I went to Kampung Kuala Muda, a place where Tsunami strike 4 years back. As being told in the previous entry about Tsunami at Kuala Muda Kedah, here I just wanna share some pictures taken this morning.

It was just a second to decide a visit to that place after my mom told she wanted to buy some real fresh fish there (place fisherman landed their fish). Due to lack of experience, we just bought fish from people selling in front of jetty. People called it 'Pasar Bisik'. Earlier on, my Auntie told me buyer must whisper to the fish seller the price they want to buy. it's kinda bidding the higher price before decision made. At the end, the higher price whispered by buyer will get the fish. hu2.Only experience people really know how to tackle a damn good price.

That jetty was not totally damaged due to Tsunami, but the impact left by Tsunami was tremendous both physically and mentally. There were a place where damaged house was barricade by beautiful fence and it's look like a museum. Also, they have a hoard of dent boat at the junction before entering Kuala Muda resemble the tragedy of 26th December 2004. You guys should come and see it yourself~


Stack of boat

'Pasar Bisik' or Whisper Stall

Nice scene taken at location

Here we come; just coming back from offshore..ekeke

My Aunty & My Mom with their youngest son

I am coming home baby! Full of fish!

Last but not least~

Footnote: Aku onair kt umh Tok sb ade broadband...hehe.pinjam kt Cik Selamat~


  1. Stack of boats tuh sungguh menarik. hehe.. And you could see the remaining of tsunami there. Interesting place :)

  2. bluecrystaldude:'s so fantastic.but to those who directly involve with the tragedy gonna be the hardest part in their life to remember...


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