Friday, March 20, 2009

Missing Hometown

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!


D80- Sungai Petani Town 

Homesick already after nearly 1 month left my family since last time went home. Picture above taken during night-outing session with Boo-lah around Sungai Petani Town. We walked to the middle of the main road and using tripod to capture the night scene. Among 30+ pictures taken, only few of it really in a good frame. Ngeh ngeh…

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to KL again to attend training. Last time during having nothing to do at KLCC, I’ve fill up the training form which tentatively turn out during my attachment at Labuan. What to do, just f0llow the scheduled training…

P/s: Happy Birthday to my adopted Mother in Kampung Dura!


  1. haaa, hang blk kl pitya! sile la ke jb utk my hubby's reception ;p

  2. Mrs Li:

    Bler tuh reception? Kawe balik mettar je..30hb dah balik Labuan semula...

  3. reception is tomorow :D! ajk cik yon p JB lak ;P dekat dewan jubli perak, bandar baru uda :D

  4. I am going back Sabtu smpi KLIA dah mlm...tak sempat gak.. Ahad nk ready g permata.. haih~

  5. aku pong miss my family walaupong baru tinggalkan rumah pagi td ehehehe.

  6. benar kawan aku nih.
    tape2..smp ms balik gak tuh =]

  7. Ad3ck:

    Bestkan duk ngn family~ huhu

  8. Nico:

    Buat2 buzy pon bley...semua orng busy..hu2..get things done~

  9. aku pn dkt 2 bln dh x blk..
    no time at all T_T~


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