Monday, November 10, 2008

Experience at Romania

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Here, i'd like to share my experience at Ramunia Fabricators Johor(not Romania! =p) Teluk Ramunia since the first day I arrived there for my On Job Training (OJT) and site exposure. Below was the description from MMC website about Angsi D. Let me explain by using pictures and sorry for the jargon~

Total Manhour : 85,000
Project Location : Located at offshore Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia
Scope of work undertaken by MMC O&G : The scope of work will be Conceptual and Detailed Design for Angsi-D Satellite Drilling Platform (AnDP-D), Associated Pipelines and AnDP-D Host Tie-in at Angsi-A Complex.
Project Duration : 5 months (July 06 to December 06)
Weight : Topsides – 1500 MT, Jacket – 2300MT

This is Jacket (leg) of the Platform, (Weight = 2300 Tonne). During fabrication, it stay horizontal and will be load out on the barge (large ship) to be transferred to offshore. At offshore, it will stay vertical on the seabed.The fabrication for both Jacket and Topside required such a large area, so it was fabricated at Ramunia Fabricators Yard at Teluk Ramunia.

This is the main and important thing of the platform. We call it Topside (Weight =1500 Tonne) It stay on the top of Jacket. Consists of pipeline, drilling rig, helipad, crane, vent boom, workshop, UPS, Micro Turbine and DEG and instrument facilities to run the platform. This is the satellite platform and remotely control from the mother platform AnDR-A. What else eh.. Hmm, this Topside will be load out on barge using Bogie (as u can see above). Normally, Jacket will be installed first and Topside will be installed a month later at offshore using very2 large crane.

The shackle behind me is the one that will be lifted using super large crane at offshore during instalation to the jacket. I was standing at main deck of the Topside. The cable at the back is joint together at COG (Center of Gravity) of the Topside to ensure the Topside is stable during lifting after some messy calculation =)

ANGSI D - The name got from the hill at Peninsular Malaysia. I was sitting on hellideck where the chopper will land during operation.

Behind me was the end of the Jacket where the mud mat is placed to ensure it will settle down smoothly without puncturing the seabed vigorously during installation..

Trio - On the helideck together with Sifoo Faizal (Senior Engineer of Commissioning) and Muaz ( DCM)

I was standing at the ladder from main deck while the Topside already on the barge. Not at offshore yet.. still nearby the shoreline..

Still on the main deck facing Laut Cina Selatan...

Last day with PMT during Sailway of Topside. Together with inspectors and the rest of the team.

Young Engineers! All of them aged range from 23 - 28 years old! 23 it me~ hehe

Goodbye!!! Sailaway to offshore. The Topside was standing on the barge being towed to the offshore by Tuck boat. It take about 3 days from Teluk Ramunia to arrive at Kerteh's offshore.

Hopefully the explanation using picture above will help you to understand the basic operation at yard. Question please???


  1. dah nampak di situ gaya seorang engineer berjaya. :P

  2. Moroka:'s a long way to go~ Pray for me. InsyaAllah, I'll become the Good Engineer! Amin

  3. I wish that I'm doing the work too...aaaaaaaaaaa

  4. waa..dasatnya..berbaloi belajar pandai2 ekk..
    ehh kerjalah jgn dok posing jer..hehehe

  5. romania... hhahahaha. lawak lah pitya.

  6. Alia:

    May ur wish come true in the future~

  7. aku tak paham lagi pitya oi.. tolong tunjukkan dengan slide skali boley?
    kalau senang buat sehari sesi terang utk aku sorang ja.. amcam? betoi2 tak paham ni..

  8. Kak Suhada:

    Alhamdulillah..rezeki badan.hi2.. saya nk posing pon ssh sb xramai orng bley amki gmba chantek mcm sy kne camwhore sndrik2 je le


    Romania tuhhh.. hihi Ko dah abes cat dinding umah?

  9. bro,
    a nice article... tapi cuba try consult your team, is this article allowable?? manelah tahu ada benda2 yg shouldnt be disclosed to public... ehehehehe......

  10. wah, bestnyer kalo dapat gi offshore kannns..


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