Thursday, December 15, 2011



Let me ask you a favor.
From now on, all of the things that happened to you,
you must tell me without leaving any single detail.
What you had for breakfast, what the side dish was...
What your planning for next day, today and for time being..
Whether you feel good or bad, or if you cut or permed your hair...
How many times you wash your hands...
I want to know everything ahead of anyone else...
So, all the things that happened to you...
you should tell me.

“Ya Allah, satukan hati kami berdua dalam rahmat dan kasih sayang Mu. [Al Mujib- Maha Mengabulkan]


-mohd hafizd yahaya-


  1. ya.. i think's too much request! hahaha.. just copy and paste the script from drama...

    this is the show that HE concern on what is going on with her.. :)

    But, She is not required to tell everything unless she feels comfortable to do so~ arrassoo?

  2. Lol. Cute.
    Guys most of the time don't even bother with such details.
    So when you wanted to know that much about a girl, she meant a lot la kan ;p

    p.s: oit jangan lupa aku nak ikot rombongan meminang hang.


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