Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Bismillahirahmanirahim & A very good day to bloggers~

A very short update since my DIGi broadband just provide GPRS connection. On Feb 14, everybody was busy at my cousin house just beside our home since he's getting married. As usual, we are very close family and it was a very important event to everybody. So, tak sempat  nak celebrate lagik..


So, tonight we are going to celebrate with Secreto Recipe yer Mama~ Petang nih pon ade majlis tunang umah cousin kat Sg Petani plak..Memang padat jadual cuti CNY kali nih..

Happy Birthday to Mama, Izzudin & Shahidan~ All the best and may Allah bless your life~


  1. War...a sweet post to contribute to your loved ones. :D

    I am sure your mama is damn happy.

  2. selamat harijadi buat mama hafizd...semoga hidup sentiasa diberkati Illahi...


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