Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ada apa dengan Sibu?

Bismillahirahmanirahim & A very good day to bloggers~

If the same question being to ask to me, definitely I’d say Sibu is just a good place to raise a family~ haha.. traffic jam at all and the town is complete with basic facilities such as school, post office, shopping complex, market etc..

But for me, after the question being asked to Taxi driver, contractors and people around, the answer is “ Sibu is not a tourism attraction place coz it’s situated in rural area which not having clear blue beach and crystal clear waterfall” hoho.

Yerp, people here said that they will opt to go outside of Sibu when they going to spend holiday which children, normally to Kuching, Miri and peninsular Malaysia. Thanks to AirAsia for the slogan “Now everyone can fly’ hihi..

The best thing here was the Ship building yard is line up side by side along the river. Fantastically, they are building ship with minor/basic equipment. You won’t believe your eye when seeing the yard. hoho! And this is the main reason why I was here =)

Sibu also having plenty of seafud restaurant. This is great! I love seafud soo much~ hehe..

View from RH hotel, sungai Rajang kat belakang tuhh

Shark Fin Soup~ sedaappp!

Town of Sibu~

Big Swan~

Popeye the sailorman~

With the inspection team Azman & Radzuan


  1. waahh...mcm best...tak prnah smpi sibu lg...huhuhu...



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