Monday, April 6, 2009


Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Backdated story again. Last month, on March 29 I attended my twin Convocation ceremony at UUM. It was suxx coz the timing was not right since both of my younger brothers got exam so not enough soldier in the pix. That day was really2 hot due to it’s-going-to-rain cloud.Haha..Very dem hot. Don’t ask me the details of the ceremony. I don’t bother. Overall, UTP is the best protocol I ever had during Convocation ceremony.

Happy Belated Graduation my Twin! Congratulation!

D80-Convo UUM 413

I did mention that we stay at Homestay at Jitra. The rate was RM150 per day. Very cheap and great house. Fully furnish like a hotel..Ngeh ngeh~

D80-Convo UUM 521

Kat atas ada contact no.Homestay kat Jitra kalo korang datang ber’holiday’ kat Kedah. Dekat dah ngn Padang Besaq, Langkawi, Bukit Kayu Itam & pelbagai tempat untuk di ZOOM~!!

Lagi satu, Happy belated Birthday kat Harith UTP. Semoga panjang umor dan murah rezeki.

Ok, enjoy the picture and Happy Working~!! Sibuk2 pon sempat hapdet blog sebab bley wat scheduled post~ Ada sedikit tambahan kat bawah entry, info yang aku patot ingat dan apply in working life. Feel free to ask for clarification. Hehe.. Turning my blog enthusiasm into something good by writing down the tips/hint during working.

Info: Tie in Point @ TP. Start install based on TP to avoid hanging pipe spools.


  1. cam best je homestay tu..kalo pg nnti bley singgah..

  2. i know how hot uum can be. I was there a few times back then (my sister was a student there).
    The convocation was very huge isn't it. compared to utp la...hahaha.

  3. ur twin?
    alamak! baru tau ko ada kembar lor.. huhu...
    ape pon congraz!

  4. eii xsama pun muka kembar tu..apapun congrat tuk si kembar tu...

  5. x same lansung~

  6. en_me:

    tengs pihak dia...hehe


    boley2..nnti contact je no tuh yea..


    yerp! super duper panas kat situ..mmg convo die besar, tp dia ada buat berhari2..kita paling busuk pagi & petang jek..hehe..pastu lg grand~!! for my oppinion je la..hehe

  7. Menteil, Kak Suhada & Nirzan:

    yerp..saya neh kembar tak seiras..hehe ..tengs

  8. tahniah juge kepade kembarmu! ;)


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