Friday, March 20, 2009

Nearly end

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

After staying here in Labuan for about 3 months doing my job, now it’s going to end soon. When? Hmm..Maybe end of April or maybe not. Depend on the progress from contractor.

Here, I learn a lot from people around me – Sayuthy, Cik Selamat, Ilyana, Shamani, Faizul, Cik Alias and many more. There are very kind and ‘gila-gila’. After this, we won’t be staying in Labuan anymore after all items sent to offshore and this doesn’t mean the project is ended.

Still we have to go offshore to monitor offshore installation work and we’ll meet again over there. Hopefully after this we’ll keep in touch and probably going holiday together like before…

D80-Yard Visit 177

P/s: Happy birthday to Ezmal esok~


  1. Yon:

    Hu2...kene start print peta kL and berbaik2 ngn orng jaga tiket bas balik kg~ ngeh ngeh

  2. en_me:

    yerp..but still lots of thing need to learn..never ending journey in front

  3. alalala~ ko dah nak blah dari hulu ke? kalau aku nak berenang-renang ke hulu camne?


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