Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya lagi

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Bertemu kembali di ruangan blog ini. How’s raya? Great! Well, nk wish gak lah Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua pengunjung blog ini yang beragama Islam. Akhirnya Ramadhan beransur pergi meninggalkan kita. Sejujurnya aku nk cakap, this Ramadhan was the worst record in my life. The most unproductive of amalan sunat. Hopefully after this, I am going to prepare myself 100percent before Ramadhan is coming. Ok, let forget it and optimism the preeminent of coming Ramadhan next year. InsyaAllah.

Here I’d like to show my new lappy, Inspiron 1420 Green in colour. The spec in Intel Core 2 Duo, Ram 3gig, Hardisk 250gig and windows Vista Home Premium. I am satisfied with the performance of my lappy and right now I am still having difficulties to get familiar with my lappy. Previously, I was using desktop so the physical appearance is totally poles apart.

After this, InsyaAllah I am going to start bloging again and get in touch with my blogger’s friends from all over the country. Currently I am attached at Teluk Ramunia till the next month and I am being told by the Celcom customer service that the Broadband service at Desaru, was poor. So, I am not expecting the super duper connection speed to download the stuffs from internet. Fyi, my flight is delay tonight, so I am stranded at Klia for more than 45 minutes of depature time. Still in RAYA mood actually!!! Today I was travelling from Kedah-Penang-KL-JB by flight. So damn tired!.. Why? Tired of waiting and just now the brother at the counter said the flight was delay. Sabar je lah...

P/s: Happy birthday to my younger brother Hazwan, Hanif and Anas. Not to forget, Shauqi.


  1. RAM 3GB? wow.. that's awesome man! kalu rasa nak klik jek, die terus terklik sendiri heh? hahaha.. laju sangat~

  2. pergh.. bila baca specs laptop ko tu, mcm power je!

    berapa riban beb?

  3. bluecrystaldude:
    haha..terklik sndrik tuh...hihi

    3 riban lebey2 sket..nnti ko angkat la satu.. amik celcom broadband same gak~

  4. 3 riban lebey? beli mana? lowyat? mcm murah je!

    bukan ko ckp celcom broadband block rapidshare ke?

  5. comel ar greeny vista. btw selamat hari raya eid fitr.

  6. yeop:
    haha..aku bli kt lowyatt... rapidshare apa barang..nnti ko kt operation jek... better gne celcom broadband... kurik pon dah angkat satu sb dok labuan~

    slamat hari rya too~ hihi

  7. haha cian ko weh....
    kire aku pon kene rejek celcom broadband ka?
    ko xcukup mendayu kot sore ko time ckp ngn operator tuh

  8. kd:
    haha.. aku dah buat macam2 version suara daa...sedih, marah n xde perasaan pon ada... mmg siot la...

    nk kne tulis surat kt GM die ke??? haih..biarlah..mlas nk pikir psal celcom broadband ni


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