Friday, June 13, 2008

Last day in UTP #2

It’s the D day!!! Finally it comes to the end of the journey in UTP. My parent picked me up. My parents came to UTP without my younger brothers and sisters. Pro con is there coz I utterly owned my parent 100%. Or in other term, the quality time together with my parent is 100% without being divided.. I am damned selfish!! haha.. Well, sometimes you guys wanna be alone with your loved ones rite??? So am I…

After submitting the hardbound report to FYP coordinator, I started to load my stuff inside the car with little help from my parent and bigger portion of help from my roommate. Ngeh ngeh sebab ko balik petang sket.

After settled everything (clearance etc), I invited my parent to take some pictures at Masjid UTP. Dat was really awesome! At the same time, I showed them the place where I used to feed the fish. Remember, in the last post that I mentioned about feeding the fish near the masjid?? We spent lots of quality time together and taking picture inside and outside Masjid An-Nur. After that, we headed to KTMB Ipoh to courier my motorcycle back home. Fyi, the cost of courier was MYR 79.50. Very the absurd!!! The rate before was MYR 60. What shud we do? Earn more money?? Don’t wanna talk about oil hike here =[

Done at KTMB, we directly headed to NSE (North South Expressway) and started the journey to home. On the way back, we stop a while at Sungai Perak RnR. Unluckily the RnR was closed due to maintenance purposed. Actually, it’s been quite a long time I am craving to stop there once the renovation is completed ( it is bcoz of the escalator) Once again, I played my part as photographer… snap!!! Then we continued our journey and stop at Bukit Gantang RnR to buy some food coz my mom know dat I didn’t even eat anything since this morning. After performed Jamak Ta’dim prayer, we continued back the voyage while eat up fresh fruits from Bukit Gantang RnR such as Banana, Ciku and Jagung Manis.

Fyi, on the way back (while I was sleeping), I got 2 missed call my hometown public number. Then I got another called. I promptly answered that call. He said that He was from SkyNET (not Terminator's element heh) and He can’t find my house to send the courier and ask me to see him.(i tot he was very the lazy) Then I told him dat I was otw back and still at Ipoh (actually at Bandar Baru) =p. Then he said that he’ll leave the courier at the office and asked me to pick it up there. Then my mom asked my dad to straight away using exit SP Utara. Tadaaa~ I got my USB modem already~ hehe… I’ll post the review of USB Modem E220 Huawei soon ok. Btw, enjoy the pictures below.

P/s: Special THANKS to new readers out there,don't just read, put some comment please. Do come back again~

I love U Mama~Inside Masjid An-NurOutside Masjid An NurRnR Sungai PerakUnder Renovation~Want some???Escalator!!! 1st ever at RnR North Bound Sungai Perak


  1. nak sket rambutan tuh. email kat ku boleh ehehe

  2. buleh jek.bak email, aku attach sekilo~ haha

  3. akhirnye abis jua...selamat tinggal utp. keje rajin2 lpas ni :)


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