Sunday, June 1, 2008

BBQ Civil May 2003 Superb!!!

First and foremost, thanks for visiting my blog. Just wanna inform guys out there that the BBQ Civil May 2003 n July 2003 Farewell Dinner was super duper GREAT! Thanks to everybody for participation in this event. Frankly speaking, the event was the most memorable and great moment for all of us. Don't u think so?? Special thanks dedicated to Project Director, Khairul Azhar and the rest of organizing committee. For me, the best game ever was Kotak Beracun and Tiup Tepung. Sape ntah baling tepung masuk dlm mata aku!!! *dush*. All of us were covered with flour like the mummy. Udang Goreng Tepung and Ayam BBQ was lovely meals together with little tiny Labu Sayong as door gift. Yang paling best adalah sumer dak CIVIL May 03 and Dak July 03 dpt gather ramai2. Thanks to Farid for the pictures. I'll upload asap after get the new pictures from V5. Overall, this event terSangatlah Best. Indescribable by any word! Repeat please;


Until then, good nite and sleep tight. All the best for tomorrow session with GTS and ESU. For those going for final presentation and interview session with PETRONAS; GOOD LUCK!

Civil Rawk!

So kalo ade ape2 comment tentang bbq nih, silekan, jangan segan2~

p/s: Happy birthday to my cousin, kak Shah and my adopted sister at Kg Dura, Hafawati.


  1. yeah..great event dude~ko baling tepung kt aku kan..kan??ehehe.jgn purak2 tatau aa..

  2. mne ade...yg aku ingt nuraini din baling msuk dlm mata aku..abes merah mata aku pg nih.. mmg super duper best kan smlm.. tarian monyet ngn aai sgt gempak~ betol x kawn2..anis n jojo nye gaya sumo pon besh.thanks to PEM and the rest of committee members

  3. wah..nmpak best. mesti la best mkn2..hehhe. covered with tepung? dulu i got covered with mud..sebab terjatuh dlm sawah. u can imagine how 'good' is my look at that time. huuhu. i think i prefer tepung rather than mud.

  4. khairul azhar a.k.a pemJune 1, 2008 at 6:18 PM

    tak sia2 naik trn blok ajak korang gi bbq..ahaks

  5. i only focus on 1 pic \O?
    happy faces all~
    welcOme to KLCC dudez and chixx(if any)=P

  6. ngee terliur ku nengok makanan2 tuh ehehe

  7. dah selamat dihadamkan pon.. hehe

  8. mmg sgt bes mlm tu le rs kamceng sket sme..klu x xpnah pn de event yg satu klas leh main2 gtu kn??gud memories~


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