Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday 25|09|2009 (1430H)

Bismillahirahmanirahim & A very good day to bloggers~

Today was awesome! Why? of course it’s my birthday together with my twin, Hasrul. Thanks to my mom and dad cause raise us up until now~ The celebration was simple yet happening! hehe.. Once again, thanks to my mom coz she cook all the food by herself. Even though, she looks tired, but she still happy with the event.

I bought Chocolate Indulgence at Secret Recipe. I was afraid that the cake melt before the event, so pick up the cake had become the last to-do list of the day~ As I said before, Aidilfitri 2009 was superb coz my birthday is after raya~ Previously during fasting month since couple of years. Furthermore, there are very important event happened on the 3rd day of raya~ Tungguuuu!!

Also, I bought myself a present~ hehe..I’ll update on the next entry yer~

Tomorrow, Sayuthy and his family will come beraya at my house. And this is the only friend that work with the same company with me come and have a visit to my house during raya.hoho..

Okeh, still in Hari Raya mode~ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri MZB  & Happy Birthday to me and my twin~. Thanks everyone for the wishes I got from FB and SMSes~


Mee Sanggol

On the left Bihun Goreng & on the right is Mee Sanggol~

Chocolate Indulgence

Secret Cake~

Hafizd & Hasrul

I bet some of you might surprise that I have twin~ this is for real ok~


  1. aku hampir pengsan tau yg hang ada twin! boley camtu?

  2. mmg twin betul ke?
    muke tak seiras eh?

    anyway, happy birthday..
    24th rite?


  3. Boolah:

    amboih..nak kene luku la tuh..dok blakang umah aku ja tak tau aku kembar~ yang dok p lepak malam2 tuh ape cer??

    hoho~ 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8 bila nk tukar nihhhh~

  4. Intan Izani:

    hehe..yups..tapi tak seiras..

    thanks..i am 24 rite now~ selamat hari raya~!

  5. waa ade kembar rupanya :)

    tapi leh bezakan lagi sbb tak seiras hehe

  6. nadxoxo:

    yoosh..sebab tak seiras tuh yg tak susah nk kenal~ =)

  7. maaf terlewat..

    selamat ulangtahun kelahiran, moga ditetapkan iman, sihat tubuh badan, kesenangan harta benda juga kesejahteraan dunia & akhirat


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