Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Majlis Konvo Masterskill

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Last week I was very busy entertaining my family to attend my younger sister Convocation Ceremony at PICC. Spending a nite  at Equatorial was a memorable moment since they love it a lot. My younger brothers enjoying playing around at swimming pool as well eating Satay Kajang!

The next day, woke up early to get prepare for convocation.Luckily it was in the evening session. So plenty of time to spend. Arrived at PICC around 11am and ate breakfast there. Then took some pictures together. After that, went to Alamanda with my younger brothers to watch Land of the Lost. Very interesting movie.

After watching movie, went back to fetch my parent at PICC around 6pm and headed to my cousin at Semenyih. Overnight and woke up early the next day to catch flight at LCCT. After my parent left, we having breakfast at Beranang. After that, sending my younger sister to USJ15. Thanks to baby Whitty and D80~

Arrived home safely at 10am and flat on the bed until 4pm. Wake up, send car to wash, eating late lunch and continue sleep until 810pm…

Whatever it is, congratulation to my younger sister!

Masterskill orang kampung


mama tengok apa tuuu??




  1. ammvoiii rajinnyerr cuci cuci whit whit itteww..

  2. en_me:
    mesti la rjin cuci..putih tuhhh...hihi..mcm cik putih gak.. =)

  3. wow! i loike the last pic! the car!
    nice shot!

  4. pekya, aku baru tau ko ade adik pompuan..haha...

  5. congratulation to ur sister...

    btw, nice car pic...

  6. aku suke gmbr last..

    mmg kool abes~~


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