Friday, August 21, 2009

Ice Skating

Bismillahirahmanirahim & A very good day to bloggers~

Last Saturday, I went to play Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid with my younger sister and Yana. Nadhirah and Faizul were not able to make it since they already have their own plan. =( It was an unplanned plan actually since I already noe the route to Sunway Pyramid previously after sending my younger sister back to her condo.

C902-Middle August 2009 132

Arrived at Sunway Pyramid around 12 noon. Luckily the there a lot of parking space. Fyi, there was another event took place and Sunway Lagoon – MTV Stage Concert. This is the reason I bumped into Yaa, Nina, Aiman and the gang~ hihi. Long time no see~

We’re having our lunch at Kenny Roger’s (betol ke ejaan nih)- my treat ok~ =) Then after prayer, we went to register at Ice Skating counter. There are so many people around. Well, it’s weekend ma~ So we play for more than 2 hours after everyone give up already. I am still good~!! just once I felt but not totally hitting the ice surface. Hehe. Maybe because I used to play with Rollerblade since I was kid **dush!

We have to give up our G.I Joe since my younger sister work during night shift. So, need to go back early plus there are so many people wearing mouth mask – very uncomfortable environment due to H1N1~

Ok, enjoy the pix and I’m going back to hometown after work~ Selamat Bertarawikh and Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa~!!

Mimi & YanaIt's me~!!This is the skating shoe~ehem ehem

P/s: Happy birthday to Nadhirah~ You are now older 1 year than me~ hehe


  1. sonoknyerr men ice skating ghitewww..
    n salam awal ramadhan pitya itteww

  2. amboi syoknyaaa ice skating..selalu tengok ja, malu nak join, takut jatuh :D..
    selamat berposa dan selamat bertarawikh

  3. wah2.. bestnye skating...

    slmt berpuasa n selamat beramal

  4. best nye main skate
    tapi segan jugak nak main
    sebab bile tgk org lain
    ada yg tak pandai2 asyik terjatuh
    takut, kita pun sama..

    selamat berpuasa dan beramal~

  5. en_me:
    jom2...main same...selamt berposa

  6. Kak Iza:
    dlu2 main mmg lepas dah confidence, ok kalo over confidence pon jatuh gakk..hoho..

    nnti jgn lupa balik kg awal untuk ligan ayam kg~!

  7. Cik pingu:
    hehhe..memang sakit kaki la sket.ksut pinjam..biasa la..selamat beposa & beramal...

  8. Nisa: berposa gak~

    Intan Zura:
    pegi weekdays tak rmai orng sgt..hihi..wekend rmai sgt yg dok tengok kt bila dah main, tak kesah dah..janji bley meluncur jer...

    selamat berposa & beramal juga~

  9. wah best gak eh? rasa macam kat German pong ada ek hehehe.

  10. thank you for the wish :) ehe~
    selamat berpose. balik kampung juga ko last2~

  11. ad3ck:
    hehe..german la sngat...subang jaya lah~ =)

    no problem...hhehe..sorry takdo adiah..hihi
    aah..aku drive constantly and just stop kt tapah je untuk isi perut..hehe..

    next ialah cuti raya plak... =)

  12. pit!! nnt g men lg ekk.. tp make sure nad ikot. senang cket nak pegang nad je men kat tgh. yeahhhhh!! jom nad!!

  13. uish..terer ek ko main..

    aku tak beranik ler..

    pg kat sini dah byk kali..tapi segan nk main..haha


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