Monday, June 22, 2009

Away Day

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

As usual, this blog will be cherished by lots of pictures since it tells lots of story. I am off to Mines Resort and Spa last Monday and Tuesday to attend Away Day conducted by my department. I was one of the team members and as well as a narrator for a motivating story taken from forwarded email. siot je kene baca macam dalam classroom...

2 days for the event was really great. Amazing. Nearly 95% of the engineers shows up during Away Day. So, all of us managed to get to know each other better and sharing the project information as well as tips from senior engineers. Great!!!

The most interesting was outdoor games ( tarik tali, bawak belon & searching for gold) , paintball and bowling. All of us are free from workload and managed to spread our networking thus enhance our relationship between senior engineers and young engineers. Karaoke pon sgt happening kat tepi tasik Mines.

Thanks to all team member – Kak Linda, Kak Min, Micha, Izrie, Muaz, Peja, Jessica, Anis, Shahirah, Cik Ku, Kupat, Zhafri, Nazlina and the rest..

Away day 2009 Geng Bukit Kepong Geng Bukit Kepong


   With Micha~ Happening department Top 10 Bowling~!! ngeh ngeh Big group of DFHD Thanks for joining DFHD 2009 Away Day!

P/s: Credit to Ron for the pixs. Nyesal lak tak bawak baby D80~!! huhu


  1. banyak gak muka yg aku penah tengok walopun aku bukan orang carigali.hehe.

  2. Tajul:

    hehe..agak la..sebab budak2 decommissioning course hari tuh kot..

  3. waa seronoknya men bowling tuuu...amacam score?

  4. Kak Su:
    hehhe..mestila atas seratus score per game...hihi..amacam? nk lawan ke? hihi =P


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