Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Offshore experience

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

As promised, enjoy the pictures. It tell thousand of words. Just roll-on your mouse over the pictures to see the title. Actually there are many more pictures to share, but since I already rambang mata nk pilih..hehe

In short, I’ve learnt so much for this time around at offshore. Kenal ngn SKO reps, naik turun platform, check valve, line check, equipment layout, commissioning of system, start-up activity, housekeeping, cooking at galley, meeting, witness hydrotest and reinstatement activity etc..Thanks to everybody~!!

yes bos~!!Managed to see turtle and dolphin at bravo!Osam Manila n Mv Carol Lobster~!! fresh giler..n dimasak sambal.Sangat sedaaaapppp~~~ Going to Alpha platform with YanaGreat Teamwork~!!!Leaving Bravo

Otw back to Miri

With Mechanical Piping Engineer - Sayuthy

P/s: Happy birthday to Mas Elina, Amril and Khalid~!!


  1. alahai... sronoknyer... untung ko...
    sedap betul kalau masak tu.. huhu..

  2. ooi jeles la aku...mcm bez ja dok tempat hg..

  3. ammvoiii.. ada rose among the torns..

  4. menteil:

    mmg aku tak reti masak lobster..mcm nyamuk besar pon ade gak...


    jeles tu jeles jauh dari family looo


    yupp.. nasib baek satu je..kalo banyak mau meriah lagik....

  5. moroka:

    yerppp..memang tak sempat tgk first oil last month...hu2.. time constraint...

  6. meriahnyer....sronok pon ader kak su tgk! haha!

  7. bestnye pegi offshore.pompuan pun ade gak ek.makan sedap,emaun besau.hehe.tu jackup drill company mane tu?

  8. Kak Su:

    Memang meriah..sgt la best..


    yrtpp..bunga penyeri taman..hehe..DD3 punye jackup rig..operate by Schlumberger.

  9. en_me..i'll be a rose among the thorns jugak on next audit assignment :P

    pitya..last pic - kem slm kt org blkg tu. ihiks :D


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