Friday, May 8, 2009

Home sweet home

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

I took a bus at 4pm this evening after going to office for 1/2 day. Why 1/2 day? Since I got to attend meeting at Etiqa Tower, so I’ve to forced myself to be available this morning. Now, I have to align my whole body and soul towards working in KL. OMG~!! Walk, walk and continue to walk all around KLCC.

Something to share, on Monday I was very – very damn tired after work. Since I used to work in Labuan – no jam, no hassle, easy-going, no stress etc now I have to face the working life in KL. PITYA! please, no more comment. Life must go on. Friends come and go. Project also will end when reach it 100% completion.

Arrived at SP and fetched up by my parent around 10pm. I am on leave for 1 week until Wednesday. Hopefully I can rejuvenate myself before digging up deeper in currently assigned project.

Selamat Hari Wesak kepada sesiapa yang meraikan perayaan ini~!!

Rumahku Syurgaku~

P/s: Happy birthday to Faizul Aziz – my project team member in Labuan.


  1. Rumah sangat best kan. Ah, nak balik gak.
    Enjoy your holiday k! :)

  2. moroka:

    yerp..umah sgt skng tgh renovate some part of it..haih..

    really hope i could measure the whole village using my feet..rayau2 lerrrr plus capture gmbo!

  3. bro, ader gak project yg dah bertahun2 tak habes2 nih.. menyammfahhh kanns

  4. syoknya balik kampung...
    minggu lepas kak iza dah balik..
    hjung bulan pun akan balik sbb kenduri sedara..
    selamat enjoy kat kg

  5. en_me:

    haha...yerp..project tak abes2 tuh yg poning kepala sumer orng tuh...haih..

  6. Kak Iza: kan dpt balik kg selalu...rejuvenate...hehe..dah bnyk perubahan kt SP neh..


    yer..sabar je la...heeee


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