Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family gathering May 09

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Since I was having my leave at home sweet home, it’s always my pleasure to treat outside dinner for my lovely family. Yerp, I feel excited when spending my own money to treat my family. It’s speechless. This time around, 2 of my younger sister and brother was not around since they are in univ. and school. So, they missed it.

But, it’s ok coz my mom already called them. Supposedly, I should go back for my leave on 1st of May- during Labour day celebration. What to do then, I was still in Labuan to settle some work there. Haih~ Hopefully next time, I should opt for public holiday to take leave. Whatever it is, last time, we used to dine together with my little sister and younger brother.

FYI, I am going back to KL this evening so hopefully I could save some pix for the next entry. Backdated lagik la jawabnye..hehe.. Really enjoy myself at home even bathroom still under renovation~!! haha.

One more thing, I still cannot accept that I am no longer with BPMT at Labuan [sesuai ke ayat neh?? haha]. Sangat frustrated! Enjoy working with team at Labuan –Sayuthy, Ilyana, Faizul, Nadhirah, Shamani and the rest of inspectors!!!

Nama restoran tuh.. OTW ke Sg PetaniIncoming order..hehe Tadaaa~!! Another 2 is not available..

 Cake - bought by my twin for Mother's Day celebration.


  1. kasih ibu membawa kesyurga, kasih bapa takdok tolok bandingnyerrr.. very sweet cake teww fizd

  2. Seronok keje & knal ko juga~~ :)

  3. en_me:

    hehe..cake itu dibeli oleh my twin...credit to him..


    sedap! memang sedapppp~!!

  4. Pakcik,
    tips nak carik calon ke ape? Specific la...

  5. best kan dapat belanja family. hehe, kalau ada scholar lebih-lebih pun aku belanja family gak, sebab seronok je tengok diorang hepi.

  6. post ni sangat sweet.

    it makes me miss my home so much :(


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