Friday, February 13, 2009

Revisit to Kota Kinabalu~

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!


On 7 & 8 February, I and my fellow friends at Labuan went to Kota Kinabalu for a second visit. “Revisit to KK!” I was full of joys and fun spending time together after stress at work. Out team consist of 5 members including me. They are Ilyana, Datin Ezah, Shamani and Sayuthy. Depart from Labuan port around 9am and arrived at 11.30am by speed boat. First class Ok~ Rm39/person. haha..

[Day 1]

1) Check in at Tang Dynasty. Very lovely room! Rest a while at room to fade away sea sick. Luckily the weather is fine.

2) Rent a BLM car at hotel counter and have a visit to 1st location – Centre Point. We were having our late breakfast or we can call it lunch.Muhaha. Super Faezah Corner – name of the stall something like that. Walking around for eye candy treatment.Ngeh..ngeh.

3) Visit Warisan Square. Not much and less happening here. So we decided to proceed to One Borneo. Shooting some pictures inside the shopping complex then heading to One Borneo.

3)It’s took us about 30minutes to arrive One Borneo by car from town. People sometimes call it ‘1B’. The first and largest lifestyle Hypermall in East Malaysia! Haha.. Indah khabar dari rupa jek. Nothing much compare to Mid Valley. Very big until me and friends suffered due to long distant walking. Many shop outlet still in construction progress, some under renovation etc.

4) Next stop was Tanjung Aru Beach. It was magrib already when we arrived there. Taking some pictures near shorelines and having our light meals. Also, sunset was so beautiful.

5) Proceed to KK town and having our grand dinner at stall near Pasar Filipino. There were several of fish, big prawn, squid and also some other fresh foods. Total cost for our dinner was nearly RM200. Can you imagine it? Buuurrppp.. Alhamdulillah. Then, we walked around the stalls nearby.

6) After dinner, rest a while + sleepy in the car then proceed to Waterfront. Walking around plus taking some pictures at Waterfront.

7) Going back to hotel and rest. Sleepy meepy~

[Day #2]

8) Next morning, we went to Pasar Gaya @ Pasar Tamu nearby Centre Point. Taking some pictures and buying necklace. Such a lovely place because there were so many thing to can find here. There are jeweleries, necklace, souvenirs, sea shells and last but not least coral reefs. Fyi, we still full and skip our breakfast during visiting Pasar Gaya.

9) Then we proceed to Pasar Filipino. My second visit there. I was just accompanied my friends to buy some souvenirs there. The price at Pasar Filipino was rather high compare to Pasa Gaya. Maybe this place is gazetted as tourist attraction.

10) Check out from hotel.

11) Lunch at port – Nasi Padang Ibu. This was superb! We had our lunch after tired of walking around KK. Udang Masak Lemak was one of the menus that capture 100% of our attention. Perrghh!

12) Finally we end our vacation at 3 PM when our boat departs from KK. Happy ending~ Total cost for this vacation for 5 person was nearly RM1ooo and after divided by 5, only RM200 per person... Lumayan bukan???


  1. huhu.. aku tak penah pon kuar semenanjung..
    jeles jer.. hehe..

  2. huhu.. aku tak penah pon kuar semenanjung..
    jeles jer.. hehe..

  3. Menteil:

    Huhu...nih pon sebab attachment kat sini. so amik ler peluang g bercuti ngn kawan2... Sipadan plak lpas neh kalo ade mase...huhu


    Yerp..KK pon best...kalo bley g panjat gunung lagik best...Island Hoping pon dlm planning~


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