Friday, November 21, 2008

Lovely Baby!

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Just wanna share some pictures with my cousin, taken during I was at hometown last week. By the way, Thank You very much for the condolence of my late Grandma. She'll be always in my heart forever. Thanks once again!

This little girl is Shahira. She is the younger sister for Syaza (refer picture below) I love her so much coz She's really2 cute and very easy to take care. The most important about her, She not gonna cry if meet with new people (especially guy) haha..Also, She have a couple of big and sparkling eyes. When I look at her, definitely it will reflect my face; like a mirror..

Holding a baby is such a delightful moment. I love to do it!! Many people state that they could hold a baby for hours, but not for me! I could carry them all over the place until my hand couldn't take it anymore. Last time, She was a little baby (click here), and right now She's grown up.

Well, I wish that all babies in this world won’t grow up so fast coz I love holding them when they are around 1 – 2 year old.I keep on repeating that sentence to my cousins saying that it would be nice if the baby not growing up very fast. Can’t wait to go back again to play around with the cute Shahira.

P/s: Happy belated birthday to her Mom last Thursday.


  1. first photo: cam takut j budak tu kat ko..hahaha

    second photo: luas nya pandangan mata dia..comey bak lampu kete merce

    third photo: cute

    fourth photo: bak seorg model

    fifth photo: rojak bang~

  2. Harith:

    Haha...xde ler..muka die mmg kadng2 sepesen jek..haha..

    pndai2 je ko komen every pics..thnx!

  3. tuh lah sbb nyer aku xmo membesar

    jd knk2 ribena jer mesti bes

    xyh pk nk crk keje, nk bayo sewa umah, nak kawen

    bes woo jd knk2 nie hehe

  4. AhliNujum: ko dah besar mcm ibu baby lah...

    dah terlambat daa...hehe..

    tgh bayangkn ko kecik2..**alamak kurus gak mse kecik pon.. =P

  5. comel. cubitkan pipi dia ehehe.

  6. ad3ck:

    hu2.. npe eh kalo baby orng suke cubit pipi.. haha.. kalo orang wat ko ad3ck cmne? haha

  7. I kinda like playing with kids. but not for long. they can get very annoying once they're off the mood.

  8. Yxji:

    haha...yerp, they might end up off the mood and start crying. for me, i think i the one might feel exhausted after holding him/her for long duration..

  9. alahai..chomelnya si syaza tu...sekali posing cam model da...jadi model akak best ni...huhuhu layan ngan budak2 camni best kan..buli budak2 ni pastu nangis biar jap..da ok buli balik..hahaha

  10. Nur Syaza tu cute giler! Haha.. Ade bakat jadik model nih.. hehe


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