Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands

Yesterday we were having such a great time at Cameron Highland. It was one day trip due to examination week and small budget (tengah bulan =p). We departed from UTP at 7.30am and arrived at Brincang nearly 9.00am. All of us are mainly housemate in this lovely Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS for almost 5 years; [me and my roommate, Farid, Muhyi and Bob, Radzi and Epit, Nazmi and Ariff] – except Niema (she’s the house mother~ haha). This trip was planned last month and it was a successful trip after Langkawi’s trip on the December 2003. Fyi, this trip was organized to have a good time with Ariff; who was used to be Nazmi’s roommate and our housemate. Congratulation to him coz rite now he is one of the young and energetic Executive at Intel (M) which based in Penang. Thanks to everyone and credit to Bob and Farid for the pictures. Niema, have you uploaded the pictures yet? Appreciation to Niema coz she’s willing to spend time with us! Love u guys. Together we unite! Here are some pictures edited by me; =p. Yang laen-laen jangan jeles. Terutama Harith,Yon, Yaa, Nina, Luks and the rest~

@ Bharat Plantation
Such a lovely flower - dunno the name~Epit, me and Nazmi
We were having tea at Bharat Tea Plantation
@ Nazmi's house - Ipoh
Dums- dums faces~

p/s: Happy birthday to Ashraf Niza~


  1. wah!!
    seronoknya pegi cameron ramai-ramai!!
    nak ikot!!

  2. sempat lg update blog. stadi la weh~

    nima leh considered jadi hosmet kita skang. hahahah!

  3. oit.syoknyer p cameron.mane stroberi?kaktus kaa?camni ar.huhu

  4. pasti seronok.
    pasti sejuk.
    selamat finals.

  5. jom la g lagik lps nih..lagi 5 tahun kite g lagik trip: penang~ cameron tuh bley tahan ler sejuk, berbuih2 time bercakap~ =]
    stroberi n cactus xtumbuh sb derang tgu salji turun~

  6. wah2!!pitya..sesuka hati aje ckp nima ape ek dlm blog..haha..:p..thank u u guys!really enjoy!!!

    ye ke leh consider jadi hosmet korang nie??bie la plak nima tkr rumah nie..*thinking*

  7. njaye gk aku nk bg komen kt ko ni hahha..ala gmbo kt ladang teh tu aku pn ade~~hahah tmpt same lg tu =p..tu aa g cameron xbwk blk pape pn tok kteorg..ape lg mat jom kte boikot pitya rmai2 wahaha..haih aku pn nk g oliday gk le pasni hakhak

  8. Hurm.. dah lame tak menjejakkan kaki di sana..


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